Saturday , May 8 2021

DISCUSSION: The Death of the FOX Canal is eleven cases where death is suicide,

Paul's case is the first known suicide of laser eye surgery in Canada CTV.

Last month, Starr said he had faced "difficult times" because he did eye surgery Lasik SMILE. Although the procedure to which it was delivered was approved, it is done by doctors from all over the country.

It's not clear where Starr did it Detroit. It is known that he worked in October and that he took a four-week rest and returned to work in November, but it was a great fight for him and the next day he returned home.


Risk of laser surgery

about 600,000 Americans which are subjected to eye surgery laser, or LASIKOnly about one percent experience of complications, but for those who do not, the problems may be: visual disturbance, vision problems, pain or burning, halosity and multiple stages, According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

In 2017, the FDA conducted a clinical study to evaluate patient satisfaction LASIK. Approximately half of the patients in the study developed a vision they had not experienced prior to surgery, even though they technically "cured" them.

The American Board of Refractive Surgery states that LASIK it has never been "the main cause" of some postoperative blindness. Although families claimed that their loved ones had lost their jobs and even they were forced to commit suicide due to the complications they had developed after LASIK.

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LASIK also requires a surgeon to cut a "Flap" cornea and bend backwards, which increases the risk of infection and if the flap is not properly replaced it may cause blurred or double-deformation.

Suppose a new procedure SMILE (Taking a small incision lens) minimizes these risks because it requires a much smaller incision on the cornea.

So far, the SMILE sample approved by the FDA in 2016 seems to have a lower risk of dry eyes after surgery. However, approx 2.5 percent of the patients they experienced a slight deterioration of these corrections in one year.


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