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"Dragon Ball Super: Broly": this is what you see in the movie. SPOILERS | TV | series

Like "Dragon Ball Super: Broly"It's available in Japanese cinemas, which means that the whole story can already be read on the internet thanks to fan fans who have already seen it, and if you want to know what's going on, read this article.

Next "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" SPOILERS:

The film begins to recede on the planet Vegeta before it was destroyed when it was under the control of the King Cold troops. The latter makes an official visit to announce that his son Frieza is a new emperor.

The frustrated king, Vegeta, of the new leader, is pleased that his little boy Vegeta is getting stronger in the incubator; so that he could win Frieza in the future. But there is something to alarm him and it is to know that Broly, the son of Saiyan Paragus, has more potential.

King Vegeta says that Broly is sent to the distant planet Paragus finds looking for his son. Both are full of moon, inhabited by monsters only. There, Broly has to use an electric arc to control his violent impulses. Five years later, Frieza destroys the Vegeta planet, but Goku is saved thanks to his father Bardock's suspicions.

Another part "Dragon Ball Super: Broly"It evolves several decades later when Frieza steals Dragons Bulma, who warns Vegeta. At the same time, two spacecraft emperors, Cheelai and Lemo, find Brolyn and make him a soldier from an aggressive army.

Paragus learns about the destruction of the Vegeta planet, which makes him uncomfortable because he wanted revenge on King Vegeta. When he learned that the boy of his enemy was rescued from destruction, he decided to take revenge on his biggest gun, Broly; who can only get used to his father.

Finally Broly meets Goku and Vegeta, whom she fights. But to release his full potential, Frieza decides to kill Paragus. This makes Broly a super-Saiya, an invincible force that can only be fought by fusion dance.

Since there are no Potara earrings, Goku assures Vegeta's use of fusion dance. After a failed attempt, they get it and Broly seems to be near death in the movie "Dragon Ball Super"However, his friend Cheelai and Lemo call the dragon Shenron Broly back to the planet where he was raised all his life.

Safe and quieter, we see that days later Broly is quietly living with his friends when they suddenly get Goku's visit; which brings them food and a capsule house. Sosiya just wants the warrior to be healthy because he hopes to fight with him a few times.

At the same time, Frieza has not given up on Broly. Bearing in mind that Goku and Vegeta always oppose, he hopes that the Saiyan alliance can become his fighter partner.


"Dragon Ball Super: Broly"arrives in Peru on Friday, 10 January 2019.

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"Dragon Ball Super: Broly" – TV episode in a new fight. (Video: Toei Animation)

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