Saturday , May 8 2021


scandal shakes cosmetics and hygiene products after a series documents that accredit existence a a dangerous element among those used to create baby powder.

According to the Reuters news agency, several documents revealed that from 1971 to 2000, Baby powder from Johnson & Johnson he gave positive in small amounts of asbestos, several minerals used as industrially dielectric and what is related to cancer.

The investigation by the US agency also revealed it Johnson & Johnson's leaders, managers, researchers, doctors, and lawyers take care of the problem and how to solve it, but they did not report regulators or the public.

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The toxins of the toxic substance in the baby powder began to a a series of requirements cosmetics company has encounteredwith more than 6 thousand cases that their product produced a variety of cancer types tumors in the ovaries.

Despite legal action, J & J has provided the reports confidentially, as it is able to protect the public Both the company and the outside laboratories reveal that they contain "fibers" and "rods" asbestos, a busy term for asbestos.

A few months ago, the United States' highest health authority (FDA) made a study with samples of a product that did not detect the presence of asbestos. This, however, did not prevent a jury in Missouri from ordering a company to pay $ 4.96 billion to 22 women and their families who had been guilty of illness after using the baby product in July.

from Johnson & Johnson They assured that "all the suggestions" of the company "You know or hide the talk security information is false".

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