"Gaming Experiences" Rotate: No Dragons or Targaryens?


The author of the word, George R.R. Martin, assured that the derived series is about 5000 years before the original

The dragons, apparently, do not appear in Sagan / ep

After eight and last season, Game of Thrones has prequel and George R.R's creator. Martin has been more accurate, to clarify exactly when a new set will be set.

"10,000 years are mentioned in the novels, but there are also places where teachers say" No, no, it was not 10,000, it was 5,000 "… So I think it's closer to 5000 years," the author said in Entertainment Weekly interview.

He also talked about the situation where the spin off occurs.

"There is no Targaryens: Valeria has just begun to rise in the dragon and build with the great kingdom, we are dealing with a different and older world, and we hope it is part of a series of fun", he clarified and yielded great expectations for loyal followers of epic production.

Everyone shows that the series is set before the Targaryen family has come to power, the only one after the ruin of the dragon Valirian.

Therefore, it seems that the series does not include dragons at least in its early stages … if ever.

Therefore there are no dragons at Poniente. The element that the author intended to dispose of the entire saga, but which eventually was included. "I've been thinking for a while, you're not dragons," Martin revealed.

psionic power

"I wanted the Targaryen symbol to be dragons, but I was playing with the idea that maybe it was like a psionic force." My friend and my fantasy writer Phyllis Eisenstein was the one who assured me to put the dragons and own the third book, and I think it was the right decision, continued the famous writer.

The only thing one thing is for sure: the horrific secrets of Westeros history for the true origins of white hikers, the mysteries of the East, the legendary Starks … it is not a story we believe to know , "lists the synopsis.

Now the eighth and final season of the "Game of Thrones" series, which has been talked about since its premiere awards and nominations, debuted in April 2019, and as expected, episodes that are part of the final delivery for their duration of more than 60 minutes .


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