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HEALTH LIFE – Is a Complete Diet Approach Myth or Reality?

First, there is no complete diet approach. It is clear what the primary purpose of "eating" is. That is to say less or less eating, we should eat to be a strong species and maintain our powerful genetic "specifications" under unsupervised conditions to create powerful and healthy offspring. People can live almost completely with any food.

Secondly, we have to define everything that is not processed and which reaches the straight plate field without passing through industries, packers, and so on.

When we enjoy things that include other "things" (although the label is "healthy"), we can greatly damage our body.

Today has become so confusing what we ought to eat to manipulate sources of information that are just trying to get sick and keep us in tremendous theories, and that is what I mean by the great "nutritional marketing" of the 21st century.

At the moment, the main goal is to sell us the idea that "the more, the better" that nothing is coincidence and that you only need good health insurance when you are ill.

Here are some things you can think of: – We do not need more than two or three meals per day (assuming they are real foods).

– Snacking is not healthy.

– Drinking lots of water is not important.

Most importantly, water contains minerals when we found it in the spring.

– Physical and emotional health is largely healthy in the intestines.

– Many times we are better off doing any exercises than too many of these.

– Nothing, I repeat, nothing, it replaces the sleeping quality.

– Happy is the most important, otherwise none of the mentioned would not be worth it.

How many times do I eat a day?

The plan is not suitable for everyone. The theoretical tendency in small parts to increase metabolism is sent to save if you are to achieve a healthy and effective weight with a percentage reduction in fat and good health. In the meantime, what determines how many times you should eat is the brain's metabolism in itself.

for example: Some people stop eating seem to be more conscious, in other words they react better to less frequent meals, low sugar and high fat. If, on the other hand, hungry will weaken you, you will need more meals, small, low fat and carbohydrates.

It is important to remember that breakfast or the first meal of the day is the most important. As long as it is more dense in calories, it reduces the need to increase the number of meals that day.

Breakfast should provide energy, proteins and "healthy" fatty acids to maintain the intended activity or performance.

The use of adequate protein at breakfast is to help the formation of "immune system" elements, liver detoxification amino acids, and neurotransmitters, and last but not least muscle repair

"Eating to a lesser extent and eating could be the simplest and most important axiom associated with diet". It said that the complexity of many diets causes confusion, and then money, time and effort without results are free of "mental junk" that makes us believe that the more is better.

If you eat a lesser amount or frequency and foods that actually provide nutrient-containing calories, you will experiment with immediate changes.

Nothing is as healing or harmful as you eat.

At the same time, eat vegetables, vegetables, meat, unprocessed oils, fruits and provisions moderately, these are definitely the mandatory option to make change.

Rest. As a healthy alternative, nothing replaces sleep quality.

Important parts for each meal

When calorie-rich foods are available, some of them are used to produce energy (carbohydrates and fats) and other substances for various functions such as repair and muscle building (protein function), as we have repeatedly mentioned.

The main sources of energy are sugars and fats, but proteins only promote and correct the muscles in the presence of the previous two. The most important of these are energy supply. It is important to be clear about the functioning of carbohydrates, proteins and fats (healthy) in order to achieve an effective nutrition plan.

Finally, forget about any plan, approach, trend, predetermined or predetermined diet. The solution is easy. Use good reason and look into the mirror if you do not like what you see, you're on the wrong track. So if you're fat, skinny, weak, slim, lethargic, etc. You just do not go in the right direction, stop by jokingly saying "I eat well" and started doing "different things" to get "something different".

"I do not know where I die, but I know how I live."


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