Thursday , May 6 2021

Hope County's development split screen

Soon before the recent Game Awards we testify that a nuclear disaster destroys Hope County, a scene where Far Cry 5 events occurred. But that was just an introduction Ubisoft Post-Apocalyptic.

Far Cry New Dawn takes place 17 years after the global crisis. Our mission? We must, together with other family members, fight new threats. And this time, we meet two big slanders. But it is also an opportunity to find a new open world. Well, more or less the same.

The truth is that it was announced Far Cry New Dawn, we did not last long to see the first playability of his alpha. Something that quotes a parable of this new artwork and scenario where it takes the Fifth Part Far Cry.

Fortunately, the Cycu1 channel did not miss the opportunity.

Actually by channel, basically it is the same map, although it is being reformed with all kinds of changes to give it a post-apocalyptic background.

And a priori, it should be a deserted environment, at Ubisoft, they try to ensure that the wear of time is not just about how, but also how nature gradually introduces scenarios and constructions and wraps them in wear and vegetation.


Interesting and promising business. Especially because the first episode of the direct episode continues and in a certain way we are called to find out what happened in those places where we are fighting the fall of Joseph Seed.

Now, we must admit that a new context change will do it New Dawn be more interesting than its predecessor.

New experience or a large layer of plates and paints in Hope County? On 15 February the date on which it is available Far Cry New Dawn PS4, Xbox One and PC, we have a lot more clear.

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