Horoscope, which will be held on Monday 26 November 2018


Extensive margins so they can rest after performing their duties in a timely and well-mannered manner. There may be friction in the family's circles, which must be corrected. Emotional help before a personal problem. Company.

Moment: Green Forget.

A lonely day with some mental ups and downs on certain aircraft with people who share the workforce. Rationalizing emotions is not what costs bullfighting, because it is highly desirable to do so at this time.

Moment: beach color.

He knows how to make decisions today with a lot of conviction and confidence in thoughts. Find and find something new to your life project. Emotional and affective achievements in positive situations in a family environment.

Moment: tan.

A difficult day for small crabs who are busy and confusing making things even more complicated. Try to separate emotions from thoughts and move without fear of being wrong. Concentration and Criteria.

Article: White.

The sun shines in the minds of self-destructive lions that manage to make long-term situations in the family. At the same time, try to identify the responsibility that it is the role of others, let them grow.

Article: light steel color.

Family cases cause certain complications. Try to release the responsibility to do everything, or commit to carrying what is called a baton. It is not necessary, let others make even mistakes.

Moment: chrome.

It's a day with a clear and clear mind so we can analyze the course that is being followed. There are dreams that are not filled but ideas that can work. The hearts of Libran today have been able to start again.

Article: fuchsia.

The taste of the trip to Scorpios, who are always interested in the demands of others. They reach certain perspectives for situations that need to be corrected. Stable health, where it is necessary to walk.

Article: Forest green.

Think about your feelings and look for truth in your relationships. No need to wake up anger or feeling discomfort, dialogue is the way. Casual encounters and distraction.

Article: corn colored.

Know that not always the job is valued by the high capacity we have. We do not always give the right things, but we can always fight and expect expectations from us. Wisdom and understanding

Moment: turquoise.

It is a feeling of worry and concern that will give you a sui generis day with emotions and downs. Think it's not bad sometimes to sit and think and talk about yourself. Decisions and freedom to be who you are.

Moment: indigo.

Try rationalizing that the weight of the responsibilities must not exceed us. Feel and work in the ultimate senses that just make us confuse and change the peace we all deserve. Be part of calmness.

Moment: yellow.


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