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How much is it worth to subscribe to all streaming services?

Since 2007, Netflix's phenomenon triggered competition at a time by placing content on all possible displays by providing a wide variety of streaming services to the user. In the calculator, we look at how much each order program is available at formal market prices.

Since many applications and streaming services are in use, most offer a free trial, ranging from one week to a few months. This way you know the list and make a decision according to each user's preference, but not just the quality of the list is important: you also need to pay attention to service stability and your experience as a user.

The most known and most extensive list is Netflix. The Big N has three membership choices for available HD quality and concurrently viewable shows, so you can pay $ 4,590 from the baseline payout plan to $ 7,390. In this option, the service can be used with up to four screens so the unit value would be $ 1848 per month, just over two times in Transantiago at peak times.

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What jewelry can we find here? From my own production, like success Stranger things, controversy House of cards and dependence Luis Miguel: a series up Fargo and Breaking Bad or a movie after Orson Welles, The other side of the wind, was released this year.

* We have the first $ 4,590.

HBO Producers – Responsible for the Golden Age of Television Products – The channel created the application HBO Go, available last year in Latin America.

The platform has a full season with the renowned name of the original series The Sopranos, Wire and Six Feet Under, and more The game of throne, The real detective and Westworld. Its value is $ 7,700 a month.

* The sum is $ 12,290.

Another Fox and Fox giant is available Fox APP, a preferred advantage for cable TV subscribers who have activated an additional service.

Here, users can access the series Outlander, Vikings and Walking dead, which is already obligatory already after 9 seasons. In addition to David Bowie, Gustavo Cerat and Charly García. The Fox application is completely free and has no extra costs for pay-TV subscribers. Consulting for various services, the Fox Premium package is $ 7,490 (in VTR and Movistar) or $ 6,990 (in Claros)

* One step through the calculator and we are $ 19,280.

No need to be over, an e-commerce expert, Amazon, not just compiling a streaming service Amazon Prime Video, unless he also invested Netflix in producing his own content. In this group, we do not have incredible Wonderful Maisel and American gods. In the second group that has purchased the content (that is, not the original Amazon), we can find comedies Office (the British version of the remake), Mr. Robot and a classic Seinfeld.

It's free for 7 days (enough to make a marathon from any of the series) and the membership cost is $ 2.99 ($ ​​2,050) for the first 6 months and then up to $ 5.99 per month ($ 4,100) a month.

* We added and we managed to get the three main transport services together: $ 23,380.

Crunchyroll, the largest animation and Manga list available for streaming, and simultaneous transmissions to Japanese (one hour after the broadcast in Asia will be published with subtitles in Spanish) and series such as Hunter X Hunter, Shingeki not Kyojin and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, has a monthly value of $ 2490.

* All would be: $ 25,870.

Exclusive to Customers

A second group of applications or services is the exclusive right for customers of a paid television broadcasting program that includes the ability to see almost any program.

If it is Claro Video, your customers can rent the latest releases and use premium services such as NOGGIN and CRACKLE (Sony's subscription service). The monthly subscription fee is $ 3,500 and has a large list of Chilean movies and screens 80's.

* If we get ambitious, the calculation will remain at $ 29,370.

Other cable TV services, such as Movistar and VTR, have also expanded their services to network TV platforms.

If it is Movistar Play from any device you can use movies, series, documents, and live tv and you even have the option to add your Netflix account. This app does not charge customers with a plan with Televisión Movistar.

In the case of VTR Play, it can use HD channels and use free content VOD movies and series, is free for VTR Television customers.

* In case of VTR, TV HD's home design is $ 21,990 and Movistar, HD Pro $ 22,990. According to the plans of both pockets, the operation is: $ 74,350.

Finally, Directv also offers its On Demand option, DIRECTV games at no additional cost to certain plans for customers, while the basic package costs $ 19,999 per month. Within cable suppliers, they are the only ones who offer a free trial for 7 days.

The great separation of this application is a wide selection of sports channels with live content.

* What does the calculation say? Drum: $ 94,349. In Chile, it is difficult to see every pay-TV service available in the formal market and in addition to pay-per-view services. $ 94 349.

Even though the provision of these services is very wide, the phenomenon is growing steadily and without intentions to stop, sadly, everyone wants a cake that Cuevana widely recommended. Keep in mind: you do not only have to look at the list, but also the stability and experience of the service that give the user something as simple as searching and browsing.

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