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The first days of November were high temperatures, which were a precedent to what this summer is in the country. You can enjoy the sun and heat this year, It is important to consider the effects that these conditions have on the body.

"Dehydration affects the ability of the body to dispel heat, which increases the risk of hyperthyroidism, ie when the body runs out of the mechanisms to lower the temperature," says MD, MD, Dr. Fernando Martínez.

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So important is the human balance that a certain amount of water is necessary to survive. For example, if you lose fluid, your body begins to conserve water, which is reflected in a much stronger urine. "However, if the loss is greater than my ability to save, I have dried up, and our body functions may be impaired," explains the expert. The kidneys are the first to fail, and therefore to the cruel circle of progressive damage.

What are the symptoms to be aware of?

Jano is the first warning that heat affects body functions and needs hydration. "Later, progressive decay and general malaise appear to be bad and worse, leading to compromise on conscience or fainting, a state that perfectly exemplifies marathons that achieve a completely lost goal," says Dr. Martínez.

If you do not intervene to find a way to rehydrate, the patient may die, a situation that was more often a few years ago when the child's diarrhea could not be controlled.

How much water should I drink?

Usually, an adult must use about two liters of water in addition to the usual liquid being present in each meal. "If you know that you are going to lose a lot of liquids because of excessive heat, exercise or other reasons, drink water before you are thirsty." This recommendation is particularly sensitive to children and the elderly who are groups. more likely to suffer from leakage, says expert.

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