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Sunday, November 25, 2018


Everton coach Javier Torrente referred to the triumph at 3-0 Palestine on the previous day of the World Championship and left the team in roulette practically without a drop. Based on this, he appreciated the psychological work done on campus.

Viña del Marin Everton coach Javier Torrente analyzed the victory and good passage of the "rulers", given that after the Palestinian 3-0 defeat, they were virtually without risk of landing. Based on this, he appreciated the psychological work done by the technical staff on campus.

"Proudly, guys who do a very good job in this second round have done a great deal of trouble, they have made the game proud of the fans, blocking Palestinian roads and creating many situations," she told CDF after the match.

From the team's good progress, he clarified that his role as a motivator is an essential part. "This is the work, the seriousness, driving. It does not matter too much system's proposal, you can work on during the week, this will drive people. I do not like a great coach, but I'm trying to take care of that part," he explained.

"The most important thing is that there is healthy competition, high level of education and commitment on the ground," he added.

"I had to take the troops complex situations and to take them forward. We hope to strengthen the team next week, and a good time to close this," he said.


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