Sunday , May 16 2021

In the case of prevention, he was the driver who ran over and killed the carabinero

Preventing him was a truck driver charged with running and causing carabinero yesterday in the Pressure Sector. Defendant, initially written by J.R. (23), was formalized for his involvement in an accident where Sergeant 1 Rodrigo Valenzuela lost his life doing traffic control. The hearing was held at the San Bernardo guarantee institution.

Through the West Metropolitan Public Prosecutor's Office through Twitter, prosecutor Jorge Carmona announced that the accused initials J.R. (23) he was detained for 120 days during the investigation because it was considered a "danger to society".

During this time, we analyze the location security cameras and try to find out that the uniform did not succeed in removing the forklift if it did not drift and then drove the bus through another bus.

A person working at Vega Center was charged with committing homicide because he did not have a driver card A4 (cargo transport) and did not report to the authorities about a traffic accident.

The provisional carabinet is covered in the Church of the Institute in the center of Santiago (San Francisco de Borja).

JLB / Aton Chile

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