Josefina Montané is surprised by the cover of Gervasio's memoir


The actor interpreted "Shovel and Hat" for the music program "Santiago Sunday".

He is a versatile artist. In addition to being an actor, model, and actor, Josefina Montané, which is responsible for interpretation agate in "Blood Association"He also sings, so he recently appeared with great performance.

Montané appeared this weekend when she appeared in the last episode of the music season "One Sunday in Santiago", where different national actors are confronted talk about music and interpret your favorite songs.

Josefina decided to sing "Shovel and hat", One of the most famous songs of a later singer-songwriter Gervasio.

Through the official Instagram account (@pin_montanePin, because they call this actress, revealed that he chose this theme to thank his father for "I have fulfilled my life through music".


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