Saturday , May 8 2021

Lisandra Silva acknowledges that she would love Raul Peralta

The Cuban woman stayed in Chile for a dancer.

Lisandra Silva became known in our country for her participation in the "Doble Tentación" and her relationship with Leandro Penna.

In this context, a few weeks ago it was confirmed that the former mode of reality had begun with the novelist dancer Raul Peralta, so he decided to stay in our country.

"I felt that I had a cycle in Chile that I did not have anything left. We got closer to Raul, he won my love, my love and my confidence, all I did," said Lisandra TVN in an interview.

Then the actor talked about his plans with Raul and he was also asked in the future that he was going to marry the dancer.

"Yes, I got married The truth, I do not want to talk a lot about my relationship because it was something that I did not do before and to see the translations that life gives me It's so frightening to say what it feels like for a while to feel good or bad But now it feels full, loving and happy, "he said.

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