Sunday , March 7 2021

Listat van Rysselberghe and Macaya lead UDI

After the trip Jacqueline van Rysselberghe visit Jair Bolsonaro a series of criticism was pointed out within Senator's UDI's macho and homophobic statements by the current president-elect in Brazil.

After this episode, he questioned Van Rysselberge's maintenance of the party Javier Macaya seeks to face parliamentary scrutiny in organizing UDI elections 2 December.

Senator Jacqueline van Rysselberghe presents the campaign "deparlamentarise UDI and the directive"in order to avoid decisions being made between the four walls of Congress and that all party departments are actively involved in politics.

Van Rysselberghe is considering the Senate as vice-chairmen Ena von Baer, Alternate Juan Manuel Fuenzalida, Adviser to Vitacura Patricia Alessandri and a Simon Yevens Flores. Although the General Secretariat would be the mayor of Los Alamos, Jorge Fuenteswith the prosecutor Mario Varela and the treasurer would be Álvaro Lavín, Santiago's current core.

For him, Javier Macaya announced as vice-chairmen Patricio Melero, alternate member María José Hoffmann, Chairman of the Biobíon nuclear director Flor Weisse, mayor Ercilla José Vilugrón and one of UDI's founders: Floridor Pinto. An alternate member is in the General Secretariat Juan Antonio Coloma, the secretary's task is to integrate the core of Santiago Cristián Labbé and Treasurer Lo Barnechea Counselor, Paula Phillips.

Elections are based on the names of the persons who make up the lists internal elections you can register until Friday November 16.

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