Listen to the unpublished song that Gustavo Cerati composed before Soda Stereo


Last night, the presentation of the BIOS documentary film began, a life marked for singer and guitarist Credit: National Geographic Courtesy

"Whenever I talk about you always come up with melodies / replace words, I'm never really good at poetry / I just, I'm just talking about you," sings

Gustavo Cerati

. His voice, covered in a green velvet, comes from a cassette set to Walkman. This unpublished song – the warm ballad pre Soda Stereo written by Cerat, full of romantic innocence – was unveiled yesterday for the first time in a special
BIOS, lives with your markthat National Geographic presented two one-hour songs on the music. "Let's talk about you, I hope you think the same way / Lots will return, but go forward not backwards / I'm so eager to love you" is followed by the song, which appears on the scene with Javiera Mena – Chilean singer who acts as a host and interviewer in the documentary film – the way Ana St Jean, one of Cerat's first girlfriends. "Gustavo wrote me a few paragraphs that did not come later with War," he says.

This is not the only moment when Cerat's unpublished publication will be heard. At the beginning, Gurava's siblings Laura – presents her mobile phone with Mena's voice, where Juan José Cerati, his old age magazine for the gola, introduces her son to 5 and 6 years old at that time who sings the capella: "Without your mouth and taking you to end / I love you". "Today we have friends, a wonderful voice, an excellent Argentinean singer who comes our microphones forward to get the best melody on the American continent," says Juan José Cerati in preventative airs.

The documentary traces the life of the former Soda Stereo from childbirth to the death of family members – her children Benito and Lisa, her mother Lilian Clark and her family – with the help of witnesses – the musicians involved during her career – Zeta Bosio, Charly Alberti, Shakira, Leandro Fresco, Anita Álvarez de Toledo, Tweety Gonzalez – and his best friend, legendary sound artist Adrián Taverna.

There are several key scenes in a documentary film but two that release the visitor's sensitivity to others. The first is behind the scenes behind Cerat's last exhibition in Caracas, Venezuela –
A natural force– When drummer Fernando Samale takes a picture of the whole team as he did at the end of each show. "In a moment, I turn my head and see him, and he was like someone's pain," recalls Taverna Cerat. "And he grabbed, took the picture and went back to my dressing room, walked strangely and said to his assistant:" Look, Gustavo is not right. "And it happened what we had the first compensation I did not even know what the CVA was, horrible." Later in the second episode Zeta Bosio and Charly Alberti visit Cerat during her visit to the ALCLA clinic. "I felt that we had to make a visit, find us all three," says Bosio. "It was very nice, they left us alone and we can all cry." Alberti adds, "We started to talk to him, grabbed his hands, and suddenly the doctors came because everything started to belong, followed him perfectly, the truth was, he was very loud: of course he listened to us."


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