Saturday , May 8 2021

Luli wanted to do a nice social activity and what made the rage more social networks

Nicole "Luli" Moreno tried to do good social activity but at the same time was criticized.

The model shared a photo with a disabled girl who met VTR's "Estilo Chic" program and wrote "Moment I Never Forget ? # Life Change #estilochic".

Rather than filling in with the most positive comments, as I would have expected, Instagram users' criticism surpassed.

"Is it necessary to send a picture? We can do things in the heart without the others seeing them! There is no need to download them", there was one comment.

"100 other onions so that aluminum" was another.

"Sister Theresa Calcutta is a subdivision next to Luli," they also longed for.

On the other hand, the role of @ _ale.bravo was: "Why do we have to hide children with people with disabilities or some diseases, are they skeptical about taking a picture and downloading themselves to social networks, are they ugly or do they not meet the demands of society?"

The discussion was encouraged by the same Lulian Followers who defended him against objections. Eventually, "Chic Style" issued his own statement and said that "today was a very special day for @nicolelulichile and our team and this picture is a seal that Nicole wanted to leave his social networks, unfortunately many do not know what is going on behind the screen and most of all do not know the great heart that our beloved driver has ".

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