Saturday , May 8 2021

Mario Salas won the title in Peru with Sporting Cristal

Mario Salas and Sporting Cristal scared Alianza Limaa 3-0 in the second final of the interviews, and they became the champion in Peru. In the first game Celeste won 4-1.

The game started with many mistakes during the first few minutes, a small game in the middle of the field. However, the box that most tried was Mario Salas. When one of the errors got near the midfield, it became the first goal Sporting Cristal. Minutes 14 & # 39; center with accuracy Gabriel Costa right and captain Jorge Cazulo He made the first goal.

After that goal Celeste's painting grew and he did not give him the chance Lima Alliance reacted. When it lasted for 27 minutes, Horacio Calcaterra he sent a powerful center to the area and coastal he had to push it to score another. When Cristiano was 2-0, Cristal treated the rhythm of the last minute of the first half to make sure the difference was deserved.

Started in the second half, Alianza Lima seemed a new mentality in the first 10 minutes, but local pressures began to overwhelm all sorts of invasion alternatives. Amin 58 & amp; Gonzalo Godoy He left his leg high before the opponent and received a red card while leaving Alianza with one smaller and 2-0 opponent.

More spaces, goal scorer 40 goals, Emanuel Herrera who was present in the scoreboard after 72 minutes when the match was in the right area, sentenced to the end result. During the last minutes, the Salas team controls possession until the end of duop.

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