Sunday , May 16 2021

Natalia Valdebenito's review Pinochet's ovation for national reform national

In the program of feminism debate TVN Replacer, Comrade Natalia Valdebenito took the opportunity to criticize the deputy Camila Flores National Assembly Reach at the General Assembly when she declared "Pinochet" and are urged to defend the dictator's legacy.

"Pinochet on torture, death, genocide, secret, mafia, is all the pain of Chile. And in the face of an apology you can never return. I ask that we think about this and we will not let it revitalize this idea, "he shot.

In this row, deputy Marcela Sabat He explained that he did not share his party's support with the dictator, although he admitted that there was "a bunch of people who believe in it, but I also want to be clear that it is an important party group we do not share. dictatorships are possible or can be draped".

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