Wednesday , January 27 2021

Netflix and Spotify come to the new IPC: INE is upgrading the economy of goods and services

The National Bureau of Statistics (INE) announced that it would update a basket of goods and services that would allow measuring the CPI by removing some elements and adding such platforms as Netflix and Spotify.

"This change in the base year meant updating the basket of goods and services in the consumer price index, using the VIII family budgeting study (EPF) as the primary source to reflect the way consumer habits have changed. , said INE.

The most significant changes removal of some products, such as suits or both, land and fertilizer, and legal advice. Those who are online subscription services, which refers to costs associated with the consumption of content through streaming or online, including the above-mentioned systems.

Other products are combined into categories or subcategories. With respect to the previous system, the number of divisions (12), groups (41) and classes (88) is retained, but the number of subcategories decreases (from 137 to 136) and the products (from 321 to 303).

"The selected products correspond to at least four of the five population quintiles, that is to say, most socio-economic layers. The minimum and performance criteria mentioned above are added," they explain.

Changes are displayed From 8 February 2019when the CPI delivery in January responds.

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