Sunday , April 11 2021

Nuevo Nissan Leaf electrically lurked in Costa Rica in 2019

Since launching the Primera Generation, Nissan has comercialised 365 million Leaf en el mundo.

The new generation of Nissan Leaf, the 100% elecricated electric car from elsewhere, debuted at Latinoamerica during the 30th edition of the Salón del Automóvil de São Paulo in Brasil.

Join the other generation generation technology of the Nissan Intelligent Mobility with a unique design of the Cinco Extrellas in the Euro NCAP, which is why you're in a row with other Nouveaux.

El Leaf gives it to La Región with a preventable program available for Chile, Colombia and Brazil.

Además con Ventas ya confirmadas, at the beginning of the first semester of 2019, before a total of Ocho mercados in América Latina: Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and Costa Rica, País de la Región centroamericana.

The new generation of Nissan Leaf has been completely reinvented, with the help of the Mayor autonomy, a modern and modern design, and incorporating advanced technologies such as Como e-Pedal, which allow conductor arrangement, steel, descairers and holders; to-do with Only increment or disminuir the presión ejercida sobre an intelligent pedal intelligent, ubicado Como acelerador del vehículo.

Además, Entrega 110 kW (149 caballos de fuerza) de potencia y 320 Nm de torque, increasing the aceleración and el placer de manejar.

Y on autonomia es de hasta 389 km, allowing this conductor realice viajes más Largos.

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