Ocular physician who treated Boca players after the attack: Pérez has a significant visual decrease. | football


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Jam Media | UNO-agency

It was the sound that was missing. The eye surgeon who met Boca Juniors in the clinic last Saturday when the matches attacked the rocks and took the bus by river fans gave details of the state of the state where he got the players.

Alejandro Weremczuk, a medical expert who reviewed athletes this afternoon, stressed that headquarters Pablo Pérez and captain of the "xeneize" box could not dispute the confrontation.

"I found her vision deteriorating in the damaged eye on the left. It is four-tenths of the visual acuity, it's a very important drop in ", he said.

Meanwhile, the expert explained to TN that Pérez "also has conjunctivitis and a small corneal edema, which explains the deterioration of vision. Conjuncture damage is better and coronary erosion. But the visibility has further decreased. "

All in all, Weremczuk recommended the player not to play for play. "You have an infectious risk. On a football field with grass, dirt and other things, the risk of infection is great, "he added.

"The eye should be closed or at least exposed to microorganisms. The recommendation was not to play. Ideally, it should be kept in an optimal position for eye improvement ", he added.

Finally, the doctor had also said Gonzalo Lamardo, another player who was injured: "He has corneal erosion and impaired vision, but he is slightly better than Pablo Pérez. He has seven-tenths of a vision in a damaged eye "he concluded.


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