Friday , February 26 2021

O’Higgins v U de Concepción Weighted table: UdeConce draws and regains a seven-point advantage over Colo Colo

Universidad de Concepción tied as a visitor against O’Higgins at El Teniente de Rancagua Stadium on the 31st of the national tournament. Campanil, in the battle for permanence, still finds it very difficult to drop the weighted table, although it restores the seven-unit advantage of the regular table to Colo Colo, who is currently in the promotion position.

In the weighted table, Campanile falls on average from 1,054 to 1,052, minimum leave for Chile Universidad, third last at 1165. The Penquistas are on the edge of the U of the upper league. Iquique is now descending directly.

Regarding the regular table of the national tournament O’Higgins is ninth with 40 points, hunting Curicó and Chile Universidad for their next Copa Sudamericana.

In the background, currently Coquimbo Unido (26 points) descends straight to the bottom, while Iquique surrenders his position in the promotion card to Colo Colo (30), who is looking for a way to beat La Serena (35), Audax Italiano (36) Cobresal (36) and / or Universidad de Concepción (37).

Similarly, in the regular table of a national tournament, we must not stop considering pending matches. Panorama opens or closes the panorama of each candidate to be dropped.


12 ° Everton 1,245
13 ° Antofagasta 1,242
14 ° Kingdom of Curico 1,235
15 ° Sports La Serena 1,166
16 ° University of Chile 1,165
17 ° University of Concepcion (promotion) 1,052
18 ° Sports Iquique (Descending) 1000

Regular table

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