Monday , January 25 2021

Older adults and athletes who are more prone to death due to cardiac arrhythmias

Arrhythmia, a condition characterized by a change in heart rate rhythm, is one of the reasons for sudden death in older adults and athletes such as footballers, informed the expert today.

The reason for this, Dr. Óscar Bazán Rodríguez said in his statement that for the elderly: With age, the heart registers the growth process, reducing heart rate.

while footballers for their efforts, can "disappear and die slowly during the game," said a doctor who has joined the Cardiology Hospital Care Service in Mexico, Dr. Eduardo Licea.

The expert explained that a person's normal heart rate is 60-100 beats per minute.

However, there are situations when The frequency is less than 60 called bradycardia or over 100, known as tachycardia.

Both conditions, he said, have effects on the heart's electrical system caused by chronic degenerative diseases such as arterial hypertension.

The expert noted this Cardiac palpitations can occur at any age, although in the pediatric population it is usually due to congenital malformation, which in some cases can be corrected by surgery.

Bazán Rodríguez recalled that there are currently many different drugs that alleviate this situation.

however It is recommended that people with chronic degenerative disease, such as diabetes or renal insufficiency, have adequate control to avoid all illnesses.

Likewise, he suggested conducting electrophysiological studies as they could follow the heart reaction in controlled electrical signals, thereby determining the origin and correcting the problem by avoiding open heart surgery.

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