Sunday , May 16 2021

"Only here I am already doing the change": Ángela Ponce released the Miss Universe 'case with ovation

Ángela Ponce He did not succeed in reaching the Miss Universe 2018 finals, but he got the temptation from the audience. All this because before the band was eliminated, the organization of the competition was presented with a video where the images were small and with a strong discourse on discrimination.

The Spanish trans model maintains a video that he does not need to win the competition to make the change he wants to make.

"We live in the century when we can not continue playing past patterns. To eliminate intolerance, I think it would be very important to put these values ​​into small ones"He said.

"I hope tomorrow we can live in an equitable world simply by seeing that we are people and that we need to make life easier for each other," he added.

To shut up, Ponce said that "if I can take it to the world, I do not need to overcome Miss Universe, I just have to be here".

Look at his speech here:

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