Thursday , January 21 2021

PHOTOS These are false images with which Carabineros tried to assemble Catrillanca's murder

Today, 8 photos have been published that correspond to the pictures sent to various journalists and political authorities, who are trying to justify the death of Camuche Catrillanca, a member of the Mapuche community, in the logic of "confrontation".

Among these images were former Mayor Luis Mayol and Senator Felipe Kast.

The photographs show the supposed confrontation that ended with the death of Catrillanca, which has never happened, as described after the video was sent this week.

Remember that the version of "confrontation" was initially supported by President Piñera, Minister of the Interior Andrés Chadwick, Deputy Minister Ubilla, spokesman Cecilia Pérez, Chilean MP Vamos and various opinions such as Tere Marínovic, among others. .

Catrillanca: General "Confrontations" sent to Luis Mayol and Felipe Kast

These images were sent after the murder in the WhatsApp conversation that the journalists held with the Carabineros communications center, Cenco.

Dynamo talked to Felipe Kast's team about where they affirmed that these images are the pictures of Evopoli Senator La Araucanía, on the basis of which he stated that Carabineros had met an armed group in the Temucuicui community of Ercilla.

See the photos below:

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