Sunday , May 16 2021

PHOTOS: Two stars destroy each other and point out real space programs

They are two symbiotic stars, in other words they interact and they must live, but also steal a great deal of things and condemn them to death.

Unpublished images of the European Southern Observatory on the R Aquarii structure of the binary star system according to a report released last week. The photos reveal a detailed and unprecedented perspective an astral moment which developed about 650 light years from Earth.

R Aquarii is two symbiotic starsthat is, they live close and interact with each other. Some time ago astronomers believed it was one star, but its clarity changes were determined two stars different: a white dwarf star and another red giant star, also called the Mira variable.

This relationship coexistence, which is reflected in the "show "space in extra pictures, it causes them to lose much of their material till death, due to its differences in temperature, density and, above all, because the white gravitational force removes the loose and outer layers from itself and towards it surface.

The Southern European Observatory has pointed out that the photos are the result of the surprising group work of several instruments: Sphere (strong search for planets), The Very Large Telescope (the world's most advanced optical instrument), and the Hubble Space Telescope (tool) wide field of view and sensitivity), providing a a detailed perspective scene.

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