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Picture of Sancti Spíritus between the provinces, where dengue – Escambray affects the most

Dengue, Sancti Spiritus, Gasification, Parliament, Minsap
The forces working under the control of the vector are key. (Photo: Cubadebate)

The Sancti Spiritus area will appear in the Quinta of the Cuban province affected by the presence of the dengue, the Ministry of Public Health confirmed on Monday.

José Ángel Portal Miranda, leader of Minsap, said that Sancti Spíritus is located behind Cienfuegos as the second province with the highest prevalence in the country, including Villa Clara, Holguin and Havana.

The minister pointed out that while Cienfuegos has been growing steadily, the tendency of recent weeks has declined over the last few weeks and is expected to reach the end of the disease by the end of 2018.

In this regard, the Deputy Minister of the San Antonio Spiritus Manuel Rivero and the provincial leader stated: "First of all, we must continue preparing and recruiting forces to combat vector control. Secondly, we must bring in the hands of the authorities all the reality that exists in areas where existing risks are modified."

"Many times, the vector-like string is not perfect or does not work, and then we stop working on this important activity," he added, according to Cubadebate report.

"Despite the public, there is still no perceived risk for all healthcare education, and the conditions for mosquitoing continue, and when we're sick, sometimes we do not go to a doctor," Rivera said.

"I believe that this task has been gained from control, integrity and system that we often lack," said Rivero Abella.

Prior to the Vice-Presidents of the Committee on Health and Sport and National Defense and Internal Order, which analyzed the monitoring and control of the epidemiological situation in the country, Portal Miranda clarified that there is no new Dengue serotype that is now moving while repeating arboviroosis control, an hour later, viruses can come to ground and endanger the risk.

The question of epidemiological stability is key and the most important role for the health of the population, he said and confirmed that Zika and Chikungunya are controlled diseases in Cuba.

It is to be noted that the great danger of Cuba in the delivery of arboviroosis, given that the current year is reported in the Bolivian, Brazilian and Argentine regions of yellow fever, as well as other nations. The Antilles nation measures, including the Sustainable Development Plan.

Cristina Luna, chairman of the ANPP Committee on Health and Sport, announced the results of the audit of the working group's deputies and the most important shortcomings noted were organizational changes and other vector control.

During the last six months, legislators interacted with more than 900 employees, leaders and students, more than two thousand voters were interviewed and found that the vector control structure is inadequate, basically at health and municipal level;

The provinces of Havana, Ciego de Ávila, Camagüey, Mayabech and Matanzas were the most difficult and the most common shortcomings observed by the deputies with the hygiene and epidemiological staff are the closed house situation despite the strategies developed for each area, said Cristina Luna.

It also includes the poor integration of basic health groups into the campaign workers and active participation in household and residential hygiene days, of which the deputies have agreed that the mass organizations.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Roberto Morales Ojeda, who heads the session of these committees, said that the issue of education is a key issue and that it is not possible to solve the problem without the active participation of the population and working life in reducing risks.

This is a question of national security as it endangers human health and generates unpredictable costs for the economy, emphasized Vice-President Cuba explaining the resources allocated to manage water resources to prevent the epidemic.

You have to go into the causes and definitely look for solutions to the problem, reduce the levels of infection to a minimum, fighting to resist mosquitoes, he stressed.

He announced that 2018 will be closed without chances of cholera and the tendency to reduce diarrhea, and least in provinces and municipalities with Dengue cases.

Major General Ramón Pardo Guerra, the national chief of civil defense, called for an attack on the African people, which is considered one of the 100 most harmful invasive alien species in the world, attacking several provinces and endangering biodiversity in nature.

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