Thursday , May 6 2021

Preventive prison for a driver who caused the carabinero to die under police supervision

in The preventive arrest was a driver who caused the death of Carabineros's civil servant after this Saturday was police surveillance in the municipality of Paine in the Metropolis area.

A 23-year-old man, known as Jaime Rodríguez, escaped from police control led by Sergeant Rodrigo Valenzuela Dodge your vehicle, hit by a long-haul bus, the effect of his death.

According to prosecutor Jorge Carmona, imprisoned for 11 years.

"It will officiate three illegal acts by how many murdersin reality drain without notifying the authority responsible for a traffic accident and moreover there is no required license"he commented.

"He remained involved in the danger of facts, commission, the number of crimes in a preventive detention order," said persecution.

Court of San Bernardo confirmed Due to the 120-day RIP.

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