Recognized David Pizarro got U in his last match at National


David Pizarro ends his long career at the end of the year. All kinds they tried to persuade him to postpone his retirement, as in 2017, for another one year, Fantas announced a few weeks ago that the decision had already been made and no return was made.

Same, in The Universidad de Chile wanted to pay tribute to him in the final match of the year at national level, this Sunday before Iquique Sports, and before the meeting they gave him a T-shirt framed with number 8 and a message saying "thank David", in addition, received great ovation fans meet Ñuñoa place and even a a message about social networks in Marcelo Díaz.

"Maybe today is David Pizarro's last game at the National Stadium. He made an enviable career and deserves admiration as an example. Thanks to him. He deserves to be thanked until he can and demonstrate recognition for Chile's great reference to football, "wrote Carepato.

Honor, excited David Pizarro returned to the bench on the verge of tears and waited for an opportunity to play in the national match in the final match, which came to his second half mark to replace Yerko Leiva.

David Pizarro's competition ends next weekend, when you visit Curico Unido at La Granja Stadium.

Fan / Image Homers: Photosport Fan / Image Homers: Photosport
Pizarro enthused / image: Photosport Pizarro enthused / image: Photosport


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