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Ryan Reynolds gives a gift to the fan who fired the Avengers page: Endgame – Tomatazos

Yeah, well, well, it's Christmas time and with her gifts come in. But can you imagine that instead of Santa Claus, the mercenary was dressed in red? That's exactly what happened with the Deadpool fan – 84% when Ryan Reynolds, the actress who starred at the most horrible Marvel character, sent him a small thank you for the job, not so altruistic, but he tried to help When was Deadpool, the latest series of series.

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The hacker was rewarded Ryan Reyolds this weekend when you hacked Avengers: Endgame page when it was directed to the site It was once Deadpool, helped to promote the film. An expert specializing in rotation shared a tweet in which he assumed that the Canadian actor sent him a silver suitcase with headphones to reward him for his Marvel competitors.

I just got a package from Ryan Reynolds. Wow, this thing is beautiful … and I change it without thinking twice at Avengers premiere: Endgame. Does anyone want it?

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Deadpool is once again Deadpool 2's re-release, 85% but without scenes making it a classified adult movie. This cut from the film is an experiment in a study that demonstrates whether a person would want to see the nature even though he did not have what made it a fresh air for critics when it was introduced in 2016. Disney bought Fox.

The film was screened last weekend in the US and won $ 2 million, which does not look too bad this first night of the year to showcase the re-use of the movie even though it has added a couple of new sequences. Not to mention that part of the film's output was intended for a foundation devoted to the plunge into the battle, a condition for the character suffering from his deliveries.

In addition to the headphones, the kit had a gin-jar, but perhaps the best thing about this is that the hacker's author answered ironically by asking for tickets to the premiere of the same movie the website he attacked. Even the naughty Deadpool fan wants to know what happened to Thanos crack after Avengers. Hope the thanks do not make the Disney leaders angry.

Could it be It was once Deadpool Ryan Reynolds can secure a place with other Marvel brands? The tape, even though she has Christmas toner, debuts in Mexico until January, so we have to wait. Now you know what you have to do to fall in love with your head, even though we do not recommend it, everyone knows that Deadpool's only deadly specimens are Marvel's publicity.

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