Sunday , May 16 2021

See Nicole and Sergio Lagos's son of musical abilities

Leo and Celeste are Sergio Lagos's sons and singer Nicole, who have stood apart and separate from their indisputable artistic talent, something that children apparently inherit, and this has been shown in the composer's published video.

Very rarely, they share something of the smallest in social networks, but this time, 10 years old León surprised us as an artist.

In his Instagram account, the artist shared a video where he showed a group of schoolchildren with whom he has a band with his son's drum.

"About 34 years La voz de los 80 … León (drums) with his band in the band practicing and singing on their lungs. Good songs and great albums go with time and generations," Nicole wrote next to the recording.

León performs with his record when performing with his band La voz de los 80 de Los Prisioneros in his assignment to present his school.

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