Sunday , May 16 2021

She visits Valparaío in the middle of the harbor. | national

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Monday night, woman was run near the Plaza Sotomayor In Valparaíso, in the middle of the confrontation between the Carabineros special forces and TPS's mobilized shipyards.

At that place, the employees waited to wait for what happened in the union of workers, where police officers and 28 more mobile workers stayed for about 5 hours, the roof of the place that is waiting to go down.

As they pointed out, they were up because they were afraid of arresting the carnivores, which eventually did not happen with Mayor Jorge Sharp's efforts.

In particular, the abuse of women took place in between White and Cochrane Streets, where a group of protesters remained at the juncture when the car took several people to drive a woman seriously injured.

The video below may contain pictures and vocabulary that may harm the sensitivity of some people.

Witnesses announced Radio that the car driver when he was driven out came out of his vehicle and had to face the people there, so I would have tried to shoot the gun, which eventually did not materialize because of the presence of a uniform police force.

Later on Twitter posted a Facebook broadcast screen showing that the protagonist of the curse Fiat car was near Playa Anca, where the driver overturned the vehicle with enthusiasm.

Twitter | @NikolasM__
Twitter | @NikolasM__

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