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Social organizations claim that the Ministry for Foreign Affairs prevents people infected with HIV from coming to Chile "Diario y Radio U Chile"

Members of the group related to HIV prevention, Karol Cariola's deputy, gave La Moneda a letter calling for the government to respond to failed public policies. In addition, they accused the Chilean Consulate of Peru of requiring an HIV test to be able to control the visas arriving at our country.

Monday, 17 December 2018 5:21 pm


In a letter from Palacio de La Moneda, Vice-President of the Communist Party, Karol Cariola, the Margen Foundation, ICW Chile, and HIV activists urged President Sebastián Piñera to respond to inappropriate and inadequate public policies on HIV prevention. In addition, we must take responsibility for the lack of campaigns focusing on all sexually active and attractive populations that do not encourage condoms, and the weakness of the Ministry of Health and NGOs.

They also criticized the fact that there is no clear information about the national HIV plan budget for the next year, which was reported to be less than what was promised when the project was announced.

"The commitments made are not met, but the minister left a contribution of 18 billion, but the amount approved for the state budget was 2700 on the proposal of the government, so what is the sacrifice here and that is the question we are going to put forward. the government begins with the president and raises the alarm about what the increase in HIV infection means, "said Cariola.

The Honorable Member said that the campaigns carried out so far have been inadequate and that a sample of this is that when the implementation of rapid HIV testing is announced, they are not even available in health services. He added that many preventive and therapeutic mechanisms have not been introduced, such as specialized HIV centers or women's condoms.

"We ask to explain not only the minister, because the minister has not been able to provide answers until now, just the explanations we are going to ask the president, so we have decided to come to La Moneda, leave a letter and ask for consultation because he needs to listen to HIV patients" says Cariola.

delivery of the letter

The letter was delivered to the Palacio de La Moneda

Organizations involved in the preparation and delivery of the text are Fundación Margen y Mujeres Viviendo con VIH SIDA ICW Chile.

Marcela Silva, representative of the latter group, said that it is important that the government take care of the inclusion of women in preventive plans, especially with the female condom.

"We know that campaigns are no longer a trend, and I'm talking clearly about women's issues because when they ask for campaigns and talk about a single couple, most women who are getting HIV are getting it through their regular partner., Unique, within a marriage, we need public policy , which really promotes the prevention of the entire population, which is sexually active, "he said.

In addition, Karol Cariola and HIV Preventive Activist Víctor Hugo Robles stated that the Peru Consulate in Chile requires those who wish to apply for a visa to enter our country for the HIV test. To prove that they have not been infected, and if they are infected, they can not come to Chile.

The complainant became a Venezuelan citizen resident in Peru who wanted to go to Chile to ask him to investigate. When he asked for explanations of why he had to do it, he was informed that "according to the ministry's instructions, the Consulates can not handle a visa if there is positive in the medical examination."

Víctor Hugo Robles stated that "there is no biomedical and technical reason to prevent the income, whether tourists, temporary or work visa, representing the rights of the UN Sida and HIV people with HIV."

Karol Cariola, a representative, said that if this condition is true, "human rights violation is enormous because a person who lives in their treatment does not have to be labeled or discriminated in the way that is done here."

He added that problems with virus prevention and software implementation in Chile do not mean "we must discriminate or seek to keep the immigrants responsible for the income of people living with HIV because it also stigmatizes Chileans living with HIV who have succeeded to control the disease. "

The Chilean Radio Universidad contacted the State Department to confirm whether it fulfilled this requirement and announced that it would prepare a letter on the complaint. However, before the end of this report, that document did not reach our environment.

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