Saturday , May 8 2021

"Spider-Man: New Universe" Raises the Top of the North American Ticket Mark TV and Show

Spider-Man: A New Universe It grabbed US viewers this weekend and received ticket sales of $ 35.4 million in an industry-led Exhibitor Relations website on Sunday.

Sony's powerful animation allows Peter Parker to quit Miles Morales as a black, Latin character for Spider-Man, which is new to those who are often in the hall but not cartoon enthusiasts.

Spider-Man, his dimension, Morales, expressed by Shameik Moore, combines the forces of Spideys with parallel reality to end the threat that throws them.

The second position was a criminal trilogy produced by Warner Bros. Mule, which received $ 17.2 million. Clint Eastwood guides the film and puts skin on a 90-year-old young skin devoted to cocaine transporting to Illinois via the Illinois Drug Cartel.

Grinch He dropped from the first place on the third, earning $ 11.6 million on the weekend. Benedict Cumberbatch gives a bad temper to the thief who plans to steal Christmas.

The fourth place was Wifi Ralph, who received $ 9.6 million after spending three weeks at the top of the ticket office. Animation film, continuation Ralph purkuri 2012, it sold $ 154 million in ticket sales on the domestic market after its release.

Fifth is recently launched Lethal machines, whose ticket sales stopped at $ 7.5 million.

Post-apocalyptic science fiction sees how Hera Hilmaris becomes the only person who can stop the city of London, turning into a huge wheelchair, chewing everything in its path.

Completing the Week 10:

6 Creed II: $ 5.4 million.

7 Bohemian Rhapsody: $ 4.1 million.

8 Family immediately: $ 3.7 million.

9- Fantastic Animals: Grindelwald offenses: $ 3.7 million.

10 Green Paper: $ 2.8 million.

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