Thursday , May 6 2021

Stress is not an enemy

"You have to go down stress"It is very likely that you have ever heard this sentence from the voice of your partner, child, friend, or doctor right … We are taught that stress is bad that it gets us sick that it adds some kind of risk disease; hardly that it damages us DNA and accelerate aging.

But I want to share with you the dear reader, the reader, the shocking discoveries that science has exposed to stress. in United States, 30,000 adults were surveyed asking: How much stress did you experience in the past year? Do you think that stress will harm your health?

Eight years later, the researchers heard a public register to find out how many 30,000 participants had died. Doctor Kelly McGonigal, teacher Stanford University, discloses in his book Stress rise, that the stress level increased mortality by 43%. But … and this becomes an interesting matter, the risk is only for people they believed stress that harmed her health.

In other words, eight years after the study lasted, 182 thousand Americans died premature – about 20 thousand years – and not stress, but belief stress that hurt them. What is!

The combination is what to kill

In addition, I find it interesting to note that in the study, people who reported great stress, but did not find it detrimental, were at a lower risk of mortality; even smaller than those who said they had very little stress in their lives.

Death believes that stress is likely to be the cause of death in the United States, meaning it kills more people than skin cancer, AIDS itself, or violent crimes.

What happens if they tell you that your heart hits quickly, breathing speeds up and sweat is very good because your body is loaded with energy and is better prepared to face a stressful situation? Stressed friendships, they convinced the Harvard University research team and sent it to a known test called "Social Stress Test," while another group was told how harmful it was.

Interestingly, in the first group, the veins and blood vessels remained relaxed and open during the stress test, just as when you feel joy and encouragement. Biologically, this small change can be a difference between a stress-induced heart attack at the age of 50 or when he is fully at 90 years of age.

While techniques such as meditation, exercise and interpersonal interaction are very good in fighting, the doctor McGonigal, says that sometimes they can be sent together with the message that the stress is poisonous. At the same time, she asked whether the resistance of the stress-stricken people was due to the type of personality, lifestyle or the type of stress.

The study's conclusions were that regardless of physical appearance, social and economic status, marital status or lifestyle, smoking or not, stress is only harmful when you think which is harmful. What a find. If you change mentalistic stress, your biochemical reactions will also change.

The purpose is not to eliminate stress, but to improve management by changing what you believe.

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