Monday , January 25 2021

Taking a hot water bath burns the same calories as a 30 minute walk according to the PlayFM study

The team also found that these spas would help control blood pressure and improve the immune system.

Don't you be a big fan of running? Then, one of the UK's Loughborough & # 39; s university researchers group published the results of the study, which give you good news.

Researchers try to check for potential benefits a hot water and what they found "an 80% increase in energy consumption only when sitting in the bathroom within one hour", physiologist according to Steve Faulkner.

The expert told the BBC that the bath with hot water only burns for half an hour the same calories as a quick 30 minute walk. However, this is not much compared to those who did a one-hour bicycle during a study that burned an average of 630 calories.

But these baths would have other health benefits. Faulkner said they help prevent type 2 diabetes because regulate blood sugar levels. In addition, they like blood pressure and they improve the immune system.

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