Saturday , May 8 2021

The camera is discussing a project that condemns the dictatorship's nationalism and nationalism

The communist vice-president and the president of the Commission for Human Rights, Carmen Hertz, announced that a general debate on the offense will begin next Wednesday Banning human rights violations in Chile and increasing military dictatorship.

Parliament defended the idea of ​​legislators and assured that today such crime should be created, especially since the recent days Right-wing voices that have come out to ask Pinochetism; referring to the controversial intervention of the deputy Camila Flores your party's official case, National refurbishment.

Deputy RN, Member of the Commission for Human Rights, Diego Schalper, said he was concerned about the extent of the project, because it is necessary to know what is being punished, and does not undermine freedom of speech in this way.

From Christian Democracy, Vice-President Miguel Ángel Calisto, assured that a negative ban is absolutely necessary the emergence of the neo-fascist and the newmarchist groups, including Members of Parliament who have come to defend these ideas.

As stated, a project aimed at punishing the ban on human rights violations in Chile combines another initiative aimed at banning the honor and / or increase of civil-military dictatorship.

Flores's controversy

"I am a proud member of this party … We're going out furiously, and it is said that we are right. We must also say that we are the best people to lead the country. We keep order, freedom and democracy," Camila Flores began his speech, the representative of the National Reform Council which was held on Saturday, .

"I'm Pinochet, and I say it without any problems. And I say this, even though the Communist Party and Frente Amplio gives them hives. Let's leave complexes, we follow. Right convenes. Others have been born thanks to us," he added, when her party organizations popularity.

Flores has spoken to him with many parliamentarians, public figures and social network users who have responded to his tone in different shades.

Cecilia Pérez, a government spokesman, said today that "when we believe in diversity, while respecting the differences, as the government and the coalition believe, there can be no discomfort … we see the difference as virtues, not so difficult"

"Every day, the government seeks to strengthen democracy and internal democracy in the views and actions of the leaders of each coalition leader. There is no one who does not condemn human rights violations, and what unites us, we look at that future with unanimous responsibility and leadership in Chile because we understand that serving our country is an honor is not a job, "he added.

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