Friday , March 5 2021

The Hannover Industrial Fair will receive 60 Mexican companies in 2019

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In April 2019, Hannover Messe's industrial fair in Germany will receive approximately 60 Mexican companies waiting to come up with their technology, products and services on the European market, said the Deustche Messe, the event's signature organization.

When Mexico was invited to join Hannover Messe this year, the national companies involved managed to invest $ 30.8 million, so now some 60 companies want to be present at the fair.

This edition was a success for Mexican companies, stressed Eduardo Lopez, Mexican Deustche Messe International Event and Relations Manager at the Hannover Fair in Mexico.

He emphasized that more and more Mexican companies want to internationalize their products and services on the European market, so the Hanover Fair is an ideal opportunity to achieve this goal by combining the same space entrepreneurs and producers around the world.

"Many entrepreneurs are looking for new products, supplies and technology, and Mexico stood out from the quality of its offer in the last show, which makes it attractive to the European market," Lopez said in his statement.

To date, about 60 Mexican companies have begun their registration process and others are interested in going to Germany where they are trying to set up new businesses.

With the last edition, Mexican sales were $ 30.8 million (about 600 million pesos) and over 1950 business meetings.

Likewise, seven 700 million (14 billion pesos) investment projects were attracted.

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