The house was cleansed for a Thanksgiving Day and a $ 1.8 million winning lottery ticket


A couple from New Orleans, Louisiana, who wanted to welcome their home to their guests thanksgiving, are now more than grateful for having cleansed it because they found a $ 1.8 million winning lottery ticket. dollars on the bedside.

The Louisiana Lottery Commission said in a statement that if Harvey and Tina Ehrenberg, the Mandeville residents, found a ticket after two weeks, it would have been too late to celebrate good luck.

Thanksgiving lottery
Louisiana Lottery Corporation

The winnings were drawn from the drawing of the Lotto on June 6, and prizes must be required for up to 180 days.

With the reduction of state and federal taxes, the pair remains about $ 1.3 million. Ehrenberg said they save money on retirement.

"We have no intention of going crazy for buying or going a great trip," said Tina. "The worst thing is, we're going to save this check!" Harold added.

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Lotto on June 6, the winnings of the win were 03-07-30-31-35-38.

The ticket was sold at Metairie and received a bonus of about $ 18,000.

And what happened to the $ 1.6 million winner?

After announcing that the $ 1,600 million accumulated in Mega Million had won ticket sales, lotteries are still waiting for the winner to see, WLTX television announced.

The fight authorities confirmed that the ticket bought at Simpsonville in South Carolina hit a six-figure draw on October 23.

When a winner takes a monumental amount, the lotteries require him to sign the ticket, leave it in a safe place, and seek financial advice or lawyer.


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