Saturday , May 8 2021

The judge says he has evidence of the start of Quintero's contamination and shows Iranian rape. | national

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Bío Bíon Regional Prosecutor Marcela Cartagena assured me that the public ministry has evidence that Iranian crude oil The evacuation of Mall Plaza El Trebol and the Gran Concepcón Clinic on August 4, and the Quickoo poisonings on the same month would have begun.

Thereafter Raid offices National Petroleum Company Bío Bíon refinery (Enap) In Hualpen, where it was forgiven to confirm the hypothesis in which the brigade of Ana María Aldana and the Valdivia Environmental Incubator had already worked.

All this information is assessed when considering possible formalities.

"Iranian Heavy"

When he developed Radio Bío Bío, Enap transferred crude oil from Iran one hour before the Talcahuano registered emergency aid, when Mall Plaza Trébol and neighboring clinic had to evacuate because of unknown emanation.

Hydrocarbon – known as the name "Iranian Heavy", with high concentrations of sulfur dioxide containing more than 100 ppm, much more than crude oil routinely cleansed in Chile – arrived European freight carrier Monte Toledo, which last night on August 3, in front of the Punta de Parra, began transporting the warehouses to Enap, Cabo Victori's ship.

This last ship would have traveled to the Quintero and Puchuncaví industrial zone, where massive poisonings were recorded that caused a social and environmental crisis.

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