Friday , June 18 2021

The micro-driver must drive with his wife Alzheimer's because she has no money to handle her

Mario Núñez is a Cocomimbo bus driver who departs daily at 05.30, to be able to face changes in life.

And it is A 71-year-old man is accompanied by his wife, Fresia Farías, 65, who has been suffering from Alzheimer's disease for four years., and because he does not have the resources to hire a person who cares for him, he has to take him as a passenger.

The driver told El Dia about his situation, where he reported that every day should have been odyssey. "I'm taking care of myself, but the situation has become very pregnant (…) There are times when I feel that I remove myself" he expressed.

"Be cold or hot, or what the weather is, I have to raise it. It makes me sad to do it because I see her sleeping and I do not want to. I put on his clothes, teeth in the teeth, I have to take him to the bathroom and clean him when he needs it because he is not independent to do things, "he explained and added that they should spend 12 hours on the machine.

Núñez explained that "I come to this house, I do not talk to anyone, I lose my social life, I do not listen to music, I do not watch TV, just devote myself to it and try to sleep so I can rest for at least half an hour while She's in bed It's our day. "

"I have fallen off the bus, sometimes she goes to sleep or have a cold, he wants to go to the bathroom, and he must do it in a jar," he added.

However, the case of Núñez and his wife was positive, as Radio Cooperativa announced it Mrs. Fresia is invited to join the Las Rosas Foundation for a visit to María de La Serena.

Headmaster Leonardo González said, "The case is extremely complicated because the woman has developed Alzheimer's disease but she is young. Her body has been around for a while, but the brain weakens."

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