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"This is a postponement, we are going to postpone the game again, we must be able to recover," said Alejandro Dominguez.

Saturday 24 November 2018 At 20:00.


And this Sunday did not play the last Copa Libertadores. Once again, the great match between River Plate and Boca Juniors will be redirected.

Alejandro Domínguez, president of the South American Football Association (CONMEBOL), said at a press conference that the match will not be played on November 25, as announced on Saturday afternoon.

"We're going to go along with Boca and River to see how we can continue," he said, announced Dominguez.

As Conmebol has released on twitter: "The final end date will be analyzed and scheduled in Asunción on Tuesday, March 10 at 10 am, with finalists, Boca Juniors and River Plate presidents."

Conmebol's decision was announced when he considered Boca Juniors' request for a deferment of the "unfavorable position" and "without conditions" to Captain Pablo Perez's damage suffered by his campus on arrival at the Monumental Stadium.

"It is a disgraceful picture that we give to the world because some distort," said Dominguez in an earlier interview Fox Sports Argentina.

"We believe in a good message and we want to signal that Conmebol is a good actress", he added.

Dominguez also noted that at the request of the Argentine Government, the date could not be on the same date as the leaders' G20 summit, which will take place in Argentina on 30 November and 1 December. And it must be defined before December 12, when the FIFA Club World Cup starts, a tournament in which the Copa Libertadores participates in Conmebol.

"The fault is not Conmebol" He quit.

Opening signal: Boca Juniors arrives at an official request

Hours before, Club Atlético Boca Juniors published an opinion. "He made a formal announcement to Conmebol on Sunday to ask for Copa Libertadores' finals to be played under equal conditions, as agreed by the Presidents of the former South American unit, Boca and River, on the Saturday signing of the Monumental Protocol.

And he adds: "Yesterday afternoon, Boca Juniors asked to postpone the match because of the events and was given priority to be able to play in the same circumstances.Boca thinks that after the violence experienced by the stadium, and given their scale and severity and their consequences, Boca considers that these conditions are not fulfilled and requires the suspension of the match and the application of the corresponding penalties provided for in Article 18 to allow Conmebol to act accordingly. "

"Papelón" last Saturday

It was designed for local 17 hours this Saturday. But as in the first section, the duel did not go to justice, but this time it was not a traditional rain that caused re-programming, but stones and dull objects that attacked the line that moved the Boca Juniors Monumental Stadium of River Plate.

The latest information from Argentina shows that Xeneix's casting police mission was poorly designed because the players' carriage came to the stadium through an industry that was completely River Plate fans and just the motorcycle police involved.

The Argentine police disillusioned the exciting fans using tear gas, which also affected the players. Already in the stadium, doctors answered part of the delivery and pointed out that Boca Juniors were injured, but they insisted they could not "corroborate" corneal injuries and that there was no reason to interrupt the match. "

One on-site speaker was Carlos Tévez. "Apache" reported that Conmebol forced them to play the game despite the fact that their teammates were injured when local fans suffered aggression when they reached the Monumental Stadium.

"His head hurts, we talk to say they force us to play, we have colleagues who are not physically well, you can not believe it," Tevez told reporters.

Eventually, the organization decided to suspend the link this Sunday at 17.00, the date that is now being evaluated.

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