Saturday , May 8 2021

The peasants and Cuban scientists use scorpions toxins against pain

Science often finds great findings after being studied in conventional and unskilled people, in ancient and customary practices.

This seems to be blue scorpion poison, used in Cuba an effective tool for pain.

According to the agency Reuters, a seventy-fold farmer, Pepe Casañas, who lives in Pinar del Río, has used this procedure for several years to relieve rheumatoid pain.

"I'm in the Scorpio, where I feel the pain, it happens for some time, but then it calms down and disappears," he said.

This practice, which has not been abandoned, has confirmed Labiofam scientists who have been using the Scottish poison from Rhopalurus junceus since the beginning of 2011 as an active principle homeopathic medicine called Vidatox.

Thousands of Cuban patients have been treated with this drug. It has been shown that it improves the quality of life of cancer patients and stimulates body defense mechanisms.

Fabio Linares, director of the homeopathic medicine laboratory of the aforementioned laboratory, explained months ago that they wanted improves its pain relief and anti-inflammatory use regardless of cancer, "Because all osteoarthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis, can be treated with this medication".

This will confirm the bachelor's thesis in rural Casañas.

Vidatox is currently marketed in 15 other countries.

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