Saturday , May 8 2021

The phone from Dj Black, who was angered by Cata Pulido

Katty Kowaleczko, Coni Roberts, Dj Black and Coca Mendoza participated this week at the Divine Food show.

Dj Black, whose real name is Cristián Jara, a scene in the home, became the theme of the El Portal del Web theme of the Finnish radio program, where he used to make calls for celebrities.

Remembering these moments, they decided to call Catalina Pulido to which he said: "Hey, Cata … Hi, how are you? You talk to Cristian. Hi, I just want to tell you, stop talking to my brother because my brother is married."

Pulido: "Cristián … I do not know your brother, broken e!"

There followed violations – "in jest" – black, after which Pulido cut off the call, while Chilevisión's kitchen screen and entertainment at the table were all dead because of laughter. At a time Roberts again asked Pulido to explain the size.

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