Monday , August 2 2021

The visual redesign for Windows 10 updates the icons that appear with Windows 95

MADRID, May 7. (Portaltic / EP) –

Next visual redesign for Windows 10 leaves the icon introduced in Windows 95 on the page to include more modern icons that follow the pattern already found in products like Microsoft 365.

‘Sun valley’ is a visual redesign code name that Microsoft is currently preparing for Windows 10 that Insider participants can preview.

The latest building shared by the company shows design a change in the function icons that were introduced in Windows 95, shared with Windows Latest. The changes affect several Shell32.DLL folders, such as hibernation, globe, networking, and floppy disks.

This change follows a change already introduced by Microsoft in March that updated File Explorer icons, Trash folders, Documents, and hard drives for “greater consistency.” between their products.

The aforementioned portal points out that the icon changes are reminiscent of the changes present in Microsoft 365 or Laucher, and a new design is expected to be available in the fall.

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