There are 50 million products available in Amazon for Amazon: Is it really handy?


The list is great and can be bought from Chilean weights, but you have to consider some factors.

Amazon has announced to Chile a list of incredible 50 million products that can be sent directly to Chile. This is known as Black Friday.

Start, go to the search engine and place the address at the desired delivery point. You can also download Applet App from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store by selecting "International Shopping" during the account setup process.

As mentioned in the wording, buyers of mobile devices will be able to pay over 60 currencies, including Chilean pesos. When purchasing, consumers see prices clearly in accordance with the customs import duties, and can choose between different alternatives and delivery speeds depending on how fast they want to receive their products.

The latter is important given that shipments can have a great value depending on where you live and the price you bought. For example, using a simple search feature for this black Friday technology product, we find this:

Samsung Galaxy S9 unlocked 6GB black

Price: US $ 519.99 + US $ 147.61 shipping

See here.

Security (tracking and GPS tracking)
Price: US $ 30.99 + US $ 27.88 shipping

See here.

Chromebook Flip C302CA-DHM4
Price US $ 499.00 + US $ 157.75 shipping.

See here.

Suppose these bids are black on Friday, so they may fluctuate in the coming days. As you can see, shipping costs can be substantial even if the discount is also important. This is what the company tells about the import and storage of imported goods in Chile:

Customs duties and import taxes are calculated on the basis of the market price of the product (current price excluding promotion) and not the total price achieved after the promotion of Amazons. Thus, the customs authorities of the Member State or territory may obtain the duties and taxes corresponding to the present value of the goods.

We will not charge any additional charges if the final import duty exceeds the deposit that we calculate.

Similarly, of course, there are also products that can not be sent to Chile (like this one) so check before buying. Our recommendation is always to make appropriate comparisons between different suppliers, both foreign and local. Also look at how long your product arrives


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