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These are the baldness that works

"Calyx is more than ordinary people". Under this title, satirical newspaper The world today makes a scourge on a matter of hundreds of men and women in our country. Actually, 70% of the population suffers from some type of hair loss – either in larger or smaller amounts – according to David ESDAÑ's dermatology and dermatology dermatology and tricycle David Saceda in EL ESPAÑOL.

Androgenic hair loss – general baldness – affects men and women of all ages. But to be bald today can be a choice if you have the money, even though it is not a question for the doctor but the "priorities" for the portfolio. "The profile of a patient who comes to our clinic for trichology is a cross section. people with high purchasing power and also modest people"he explains.

"There are people who come to a very specific hearing and follow the treatment in the area where they live, and sometimes they continue with us," he says. It also illustrates that they have come to the poll several times patients who have been treated inappropriate job when the hair has been moved to Turkey.

There are currently a number of treatments to prevent baldness but before one has to do a diagnosis: "If no proper diagnosis is produced the problem is poorly addressed, which can cause other disadvantages in addition to losing time and money, "explains the doctor.

"In Spain there are a lot of scams which are completely useless and costly, such as ozone therapy, "he adds, and the risk of being subjected to laughter is rather high, explaining below what treatments are available and actually working for a common hair loss:


Dutasteride and finasteride are antiandrogenic drugs commonly used as pills to treat a normal alopecia patient. these prevents the transfer of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (the stage that causes the hair to fall).

But many people are afraid of this treatment. It was originally used as a medication for hypertrophic overgrowth, due to the benign growth of this age-related male body. In this case, a large proportion of patients aged 70-80 years experienced erectile dysfunction.

"When people started using it in young people, they were told about the problem of the elderly, but this really should not affect young people," says the expert. In this regard, he points out that there are several studies that support the fact that if a sexual dysfunction occurs in young people, psychosomatic problem more than just treatment.

Dutasteride-microinjection into

It is a treatment that has been applied in Spain for five years "It gives good results", According to Saceda. Thus, several punctures on the dutasteride scalp are used four times a year to save the hair and at about 800 euros.

This treatment It has two steps: "First hair preservation and hair density increase and second hair retention". Generally, this treatment is not a substitute for others, such as taking the same drug into the pills, but complementing it: "It helps to reduce the oral care. For example, a patient starts taking pills daily, doing it only twice a week. "

This injected treatment eliminates any side effects that the medication consumes by mouth: "Blood migration is noticeable". The only side effect that may occur is "a mild discomfort that may take a few hours due to the scarring of the scalp due to injections", he says.

The platelet rich plasma

For this treatment, blood is drawn. In this sample, the platelet-containing portion (promotes hair growth) is separated by a centrifugation method which is then re-injected. "There are many studies that have proved effective, I want to use it more women than menbecause I think it is more effective, "emphasizes the trichologist.


It is topical use – usually – that is daily applied to the scalp. "It's effective, it's small things that they are working on their hair, "says Saceda, emphasizing the need to" use it well and with good design ".

One of the disadvantages that may have an effect is that "You have to be very consistent" (prescribing a doctor): "There are a lot of people who buy it in a pharmacy because they have read it there or a friend's recommendation and may not have the treatment they need."

Hair Transfer

This is the last resort for balers that are no longer back. "The implementation of hair transplantation in Spain is not a risk"says the dermatologist." It's a small cut that uses local anesthesia. But it's true that the surgery is about five hours and you need to have safety, "says Saceda, who is at risk of carrying out such treatment at places that are not safe as it might be boom hair grabbing in Turkey.

"There is everything in Turkey, you have good doctors and good clinics. In fact, some are internationally recognized and become a fame, "he explains, but he warns that" there is also an unregulated market that is best known and cheaper and does not have to be good ".

"I'm not saying I have to go wrong, there are people who have done well, but we also have many cases of people who come to us to repair them, "he tells patients who come" with serious infections on the entire scalp and in the area where it has been completely removed for bread. "

Although he understands that he understands that people are willing to take the risk, since the Turkish treatment can take between 2,000 and 3,000 euros, while in Spain costs 6,000-10,000 euros. In this context, points out that if it does not go well in the Middle East, it could become more expensive because it is "lottery, you can touch everything ".

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