Wednesday , June 16 2021

They give the green light to the hotel built in the rocky areas of Concón

The Valparaiso Environmental Assessment Commission gave green light on Wednesday to the Hotel Punta Piqueros project, which was built for the rocks of Konko Municipality.

The body agreed unanimously Environmental Rating Solution (RCA) Punta Piqueros Real Estate, a questionable project that has been paralyzed since 2016 and has led environmental groups to take legal action since its inception.

Mayor Jorge Martínez said that "This has been a fairly clear technical vote. The proceedings were suspended by a Supreme Court ruling ordering it to submit to the environmental law that ordered it requirements that led to a new environmental impact study.

"These requirements look like technically exceeding all services, even though the municipality of Concón accepts. Therefore, it is clearly not a political resolution, but it is a very technical issue, "explained the authority.

The building has over 100 rooms and five stars, and That is more than 80 percent.

mayor Concón Oscar SumonteHe said that "The most important thing we believe is that the hotel has certainly ended and fulfill the purpose for which it was built. I mean, a new tourist service on a good level to the Concón municipality, which today needs it".

"If he fills everything, Welcome to these international hotel features"he added.

Sumonte explained that "when the requirement is met and it has been contained in it paralyzation, we Department of Municipal Works all the time, it can continue building ".


After the vote of the Regional Council, Patricia Arellano According to the opinion of the Viñan del Maro Historical and Cultural Heritage Committee,The realities of the property, in addition to the entire lobby, have made the serenity afraid to refuse ".

"The hotel exists because it challenges institutionalism. He was arrested twice and had to challenge and report that he continued to work, he even worked 24 hours straight to increase construction ".

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