They have doubts about Luis Miguel


Viña del Mar has not yet signed the agreement with the interpreter

SANTIAGO DE CHILE (Notimex) .- There is still uncertainty about the potential performance of Luis Miguel at Viña del Mar's international celebration week, which begins on February 24, yesterday announced an international press.

The main difference between production and artist was the television broadcast of "Solin" by Quinta Vergaara and the suspicion of the quality of his recent introductory contributions.

The sources of the festival show that "Viña del Marin is hiring the next week's artists, already ready manufacturers, whose names in the coming days will be launched to start selling tickets."

Prior to the hearing, if Luis Miguel is among them, the source said that "names will soon be known, negotiating with many artists on issues that they can be complicated, such as the international broadcast of their presentation, but it is something that Viña del Mar does not accept, broadcast on television. "

Without mentioning the Mexican artist, they remarked that "negotiations are more complicated than others who last longer than others with artists who have special requirements, but we strive to get the best show in February."

In practice, the Viña del Mar festival is a television program broadcast for six nights from a distant village 120 miles northwest of Santiago, so all performances by artists are broadcast in Chile and other countries.

According to La Tercera, the organizers of the Viña del Mar festival made a "break" in the talks with Luis Miguel even after he began to show "serious problems in his performances" in Mexico.

They point out that the agreement between producers and singer "froze and went off" and even some of them traveled to Mexico to watch Luis Miguel's recent performances in order to assess whether he could be in the race.

At a glance

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According to the Chilean newspaper, Luis Miguel and Viña del Mar agreed in September for a deal worth over a million dollars and four concerts.


The jury consists of music producers Humberto Gata, Jurista, Carlos Rivasta, Constanza Santa María, Sebastián Yatran, Chilean singer Camila Gallardo, conductor Álvaro Escobar and Becky G.


The festival reaches all over Latin America on FOX and FOX Life channels.


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