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They submit an application to facilitate the installation of Bitcoin and Lightning Network nodes in CriptoNoticias

Bitcoiner and Software Engineer Pierre Rochard created a step-by-step guide to installing Bitcoin and Lightning Network (LN) nodes through their new application called Lightning Power Node Launcher.

The introduction, originally published at the end of November, indicates the procedure and requirements for installing the nodes of the above mentioned networks. It is also used to determine both the main network as well as the Bitcoin and Lightning Network test network.

According to Rochard, bandwidth is one of the essential requirements that must be considered, since it is imperative to synchronize the Bitcoin chain with the process and Neutrino is not yet "mature" for the Bitcoin network that is important enough. It should be noted that Neutrino is a technology for LN thin users that allows users who do not control a complete node to run events through this network of microprojectors.

"Your computer needs to download and store more than 210 GB of data on the Internet. Your bandwidth is a bottleneck in this process, not a computer," explains the engineer; which also recommends downloadable bandwidth of about 300 GB.

Rochard created a table for estimating synchronization timing based on the type of connection and download speed. Rochard's need for capacity to download and store is one of the reasons why so many controversies surrounding the size limits of Bitcoin blocks. This is because of the larger blocks, the greater the capacity for synchronizing and storing the whole Bitcoin blocking chain; which would exclude those who do not have this capacity.

A broadband download-chain

The table that was written by Pierre Rochard explains how long the entire Bitcoin chain can be downloaded according to each user's Internet connection specifications. Source: Pierre Rochard

Other requirements mentioned by Rochard were: about 7 GB of storage and more than 300 GB are recommended if a person wants a Bitcoin transaction chain. For operating systems, both Windows and MacOS are compatible. Linux is also, but the expert recommends it only "if you are satisfied with the command line".

After synchronization, the Lightning Power Node Launcher will launch, an application that lets you synchronize the main network and the Bitcoin test network later to launch the Lightning Network Daemon and create an LN wallet on your computer.

The application has been developed by Rochard itself, which constantly makes corrections that this is good. Currently, the latest version of technology is 5.1.1, which includes bug fixes that prevent users from creating LND portfolios and launched a few days ago.

Rochard said he was willing to help those who want to try to use their guide and its application, and who can contact you via email or user account on Twitter. This same developer is after creating the Microsoft Excel add-in that sends and receives payments on the Lightning Network.

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